Opening & Closing of Pools:

This will greatly depend on your pools geographical area along with options of saving original water or adding all new water to a pool. These steps may include: 

OPENING: (Contract must be signed with a deposit to assure reservation)
Pulling covers and storing at customer’s facility.

  • Emptying lines of antifreeze.
  • Vacuuming all waste products out of the pool.
  • Complete water testing done.
  • Remove all plugs & skimmer gizmos.
  • Adding chemical start-up treatments.
  • Acid washing pool, re-painting or even re-surfacing the pool bottom and sides.
  • Setting up all deck equipment such as ladders and hand rails. 
  • Vacuuming and setting up your first treatment of chemicals.

WINTERIZING :(Contracts must be signed with deposit to assure reservation) 
NOTE: Closing a pool after the daily temperature is below 60 degrees, will help a lot when it is time to open your pool.

  • Vacuum pool if necessary.
  • Add winterizing chemicals.
  • Backwash system and drain all necessary equipment.
  • Reduce water level in pool to proper level to provide maximum protection against freezing damage and build up due to rain and snow.
  • Winterize, skimmers, heater and pump, blow out underground plumbing lines, plugs and gizmos when needed.
  • Add non-toxic anti-freeze to freezable pipes and fittings.
  • Remove and store pool equipment in owner’s facilities (i.e. ladders and cleaning equipment)
  • Cover pool with owner’s cover (wash solar blanket with cover cleaner)
  • solar system will be drained and winterized (where applicable)

Certified Pools, LLC is not responsible for any acts of God to include freeze line breaks, settlement or shifts or any conditions caused by weather related issues.

NOTE: Certified Pools will not guarantee your pool will be sparkling clean with only a pool opening service. It can take weeks to get the right chemical balance for your pool to be sparkling. These steps ultimately depend on your water source, weather and how much lead time was given to get starter chemicals into the water before the opening procedure. To insure your pool is in the best working order with the right chemical mixture, one needs to have a weekly cleaning service or water testing service at the minimum. Also make sure to assure your reservation for your pool opening as soon as possible.