• Communication: Our regular method of communication is our electronic door hanger. The email will include notes from our service and a photo of your pool as we left it. You may also be directed to do something based on the conditions of your pool, such as clearing out leaves from your skimmers or pump pots, adding water, chemicals, or salt, or backwashing your pool.
  • Payments: Net 15 days for payment of all invoices. Invoices go out on the first business day of the month. Additional fees may be added if an invoice remains unpaid beyond this point. Please reach out to Ken if you want to discuss arrangements for payment of an outstanding invoice.
  • Acts of God: Regular service fees do not cover Acts of God (usually weather-related issues such as freeze, flood, storms, etc.).  In these instances, we are happy to diagnose and quote a repair.
  • Credit card processing fees: Any invoice totaling over $400, aside from regular service charges, will incur a 5% fee to cover the credit card processing charge. This fee is applied for the convenience of using a credit card and is not included in the regular monthly service charges.
  • Fuel service charge:
    1. If the cost of gas should rise above $4.00 per gallon, a surcharge of $2.50 will be added for that week’s service.
    2. If we come out to your home for a service repair or diagnostic call (outside of your normal weekly maintenance service), a $5 fee will be added. If a repair is less than $200, we may repair and bill at that time. 
  • Warranty work: There are a few kinds of warranty work we do and we are an authorized warranty center for the three biggest manufacturers (Hayward, Jandy/Fluidra and Pentair). Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering possible warranty issues:
    1. A small repair to your equipment, for example: a pump seal leak (the water is leaking/dripping from the pump) is NOT a warranty repair. Unfortunately, this damage is generally caused by the customer not cleaning out their baskets and pump pots, leading to the pump blowing apart from too many leaves.
    2. A manufacturer’s typical warranty repair covers defects in material and workmanship.  A warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, normal wear, improper maintenance, neglect, unauthorized repair/alteration, or expendable parts and accessories which become unusable after a reasonable period of use. Thus, true warranty issues are very few.
    3. Most repair work is not a warranty issue but usually the result of human error, neglect, weather, or water chemistry. However, we will always go the extra mile to see whether damage may be covered by a warranty. 
    4. Certified Pools LLC guarantees our labor for 1 year. 
  • Diagnostic and repair trips: These incur a trip charge separate from the subsequent repair work. This covers our cost to diagnose your issue.
  • Water chemistry: This refers to the amount of chemicals that are in the pool at any one time.
    1. Commercial pools/Resorts (Rec Center, YMCA, university etc.): The water chemistry is checked and recorded every hour.
    2. Subdivision (smaller commercial pools): The water chemistry is checked every day.
    3. Backyard residential pool: The water chemistry is checked every week.

      NOTE: The more often you check a pool the better your opportunity to see potential problems with equipment, water chemistry, etc. Remember with a backyard pool we check only one day a week, which is less frequent than is optimal, but is what customers and the industry have deemed normal. 
      Water chemistry can change in an outdoor pool in a matter of hours due to the weather. Sometimes it’s necessary for customers to add chemicals between weekly services or to have equipment on automation to help disperse their chemicals over a longer period.
  • Service issues: This can be a gardener blowing stuff into a pool after it was just cleaned, a huge rainstorm that reduces the visibility of the bottom of the pool, or snow/ice storms which prevent us from driving to a pool. All the above are uncontrollable by us and are considered a chargeable service by Certified Pools LLC.  It is the same as the car wash that doesn’t give a free wash if it rains after you’ve washed your car, and your cable bill remains the same whether you watch a lot or a little of TV. There are no rainchecks on scheduled services.
  • Exceptions:
    1. An exception of course, is if something in our control causes us to miss your stop. In this case, we will make up that service on another day or adjust your bill. Sometimes there are urgent repairs or emergencies which force us to rearrange the schedule at the discretion of Certified Pools LLC. 
    2. It is at our discretion whether to include with your weekly service a specific task, such as backwashing your pool or blowing off the deck around your pool. For example, we may find that your pool’s water level is too low to backwash. In this case, we ask you to add water to your pool and then backwash when you can. In the winter we may only backwash every few weeks to keep more water weight in the pool; this helps ensure the pool will not shift too much in the ground. 
  • Inability to enter property: If your security measures such as locks on doors/passwords, aggressive animals, etc. prevent us from accessing your property or pool, we are not responsible for being unable to provide service at that time.
  • Communication per department:
    1. For service questions please contact Ken Witton at 615-974-6513. Texting is the most effective way to get a quick response from Ken who is frequently in the field.
    2. For billing questions please contact Sam at 615-414-4854 or [email protected]
    3. Please note that neither Pat nor Ryan can answer questions about billing or diagnostics/quotes. They are always happy to say hello and discuss basic pool guidance, but if you need to discuss an issue, please contact Ken or Sam.

Social media: You may find good information on what we’re doing by checking our website www.poolservicebrentwood.com or at Facebook, Tik Tok