Well, it’s finally that time of the year again…

The sun is coming out in full swing as the temperature starts to spike making your backyard pool look better with each passing day.

Who can blame you, for months your pool has sat untouched and just waiting for its time to shine in the summer again.

But before you throw on your bathing suits and perfect your cannonball, we need to talk about something essential to not only your pools well-being but yours as well…

Pool water composition and chemical levels…

We know nothing puts a damp-er, bad pun unfortunately intended, on summer fun than having to put a hold on the backyard barbecues and splashing around than having to worry about if your jumping into a disaster waiting to happen.

So to  put your mind ease and not waste a single day of summer, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite poolside topic, testing your pool

Quick and Easy with a Side of Peace of Mind

Before we jump into how essential it is to regularly test your pools water with professional testing equipment, which it 100% is, let’s talk about how easy it can be, without any of the hassle or guesswork that used to accompany old testing methods.

See in the past, you had two options, invest in expensive equipment and the needed classes to operate the equipment or spend your time trying to match the associated colors displayed on disposable testing sheets.

For most pool owners, the sheets won out simply by being the cheaper option of the two.


And while cheaper, the most widely available disposable testing sheets left something to be desired in terms of accuracy given it was essential a mix and match of bleeding colors on wet paper.

Thankfully as the technology associated with common backyard pool testing continued to progress, a new and more viable option presented itself, accurate readings taken using state of the art equipment available at a fraction of the previous cost associated with professional testing visits.


Which brings us to the peace of mind that Certified Pools LLC can bring to our clients without any of the hassle nor huge price tags associated with typical home visits.

Utilizing our newest Waterlink SpinTouch Mobile Lab, we can bring the spot on accuracy found within larger in store labs right to your doorstep and at a fraction of a cost or if free is more of your thing, we can pick up a sample to take back to our lab at no charge to you.


Now, instantly you can be certain your pool has the perfect composition and chemical makeup without having to play everyone’s least favorite poolside game “Is is safe to swim yet?.”

Instead all you need to do is give us a call and we will happily bring our mobile lab out to your pool, ensuring your pool is ready for a summer day filled with splashing and poolside fun.


It really could not be more simple.
Just call, test, and enjoy your summer fun.


Back to the importance of testing your pool…

So while your pool was sitting untouched during the winter months, it had time to collect and grow a whole plethora of microorganisms that thrived during your lapse in keeping up with maintenance. And we get it, it’s hard to worry about the proper levels of bromine, chlorine, and available chlorine while you’re simply trying to keep warm.


But while you were busy enjoying the coziness of a nice warm home, small bacteria and microorganisms were multiplying, making themselves comfortable.

And if the thought of taking a dip in a pool full of various microorganisms makes you uncomfortable, then you should probably know it can get much worse than simply a gross feeling, because those little, invisible critters can do more than make your skin crawl, they can make you and your family seriously ill.

On the other side, liberally using chemicals to combat any lurking illness can also spell a day in the pool that ends with pain as a pool with too high of a chemical concentration can lead to skin and eye irritation, chemical burns, and an overall poor day of splashing around.  

So rather than leaving it to luck, potentially putting your health and pool at risk, why not be certain your poolside days are both fun and safe by simply giving us a call?


Simply give us a call or shoot us an email to make an appointment and one of specialist will be more than happy

to give you a summer filled with safe poolside fun.


Call to schedule today!

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