Water Chemical Testing and Monitoring Service

For the do it yourself people we offer a wonderful comprehensive water and chemical testing service once a week to keep your pool safe and clear of contaminants. This state of the art commercial and Residential Pools computer based testing center has 12 different tests (the largest in the industry). Our service will consist of a TCB (Test, Chemical & Backwash). Algaecide and service/test calls due to algae and green pools will be an extra charge. However if you are a customer of ours that has regular cleaning service or testing services you will receive a discounted rate on service calls and chemicals used to treat said pool problems. We work with you to maintain your pool and offer guidance while you the owner takes care of the daily operations of running a safe pool free from problems. Remember water chemistry is made up of three main factors, Physical Factors (filtration and circulation), Chemical Factors (scale & corrosion control) and Biological Factors (disinfection and algae control).